MosquitNo Weltmeister Duopack
  • MosquitNo Weltmeister Duopack
  • MosquitNo Weltmeister Duopack
Brand: MosquitNo
Product Code: WM-DUO

Spray the 50 ml Textile Spray on fabric surfaces before the dressing and it protects you for 3 months or 1 washing against mosquitoes. You can use it for any type of textile from bed linnen, to curtains, socks, pajama, t-shirt, polo shirt, towels and more.

This innovative Textile Spray protects you against all mosquitos and a lot of other dangerous insects! Like: Aedes aegypti, malaria mosquito - anopheles gambiae, aedes aedes, sand flies, black flies, deer flies, stable flies, aedes albopictus, culex quinquefasciatus.

Note: This Weltmeister Duopack is with German labels.

Why Buy? 

  • Odourless
  • Working duration 3 months or 1 washing
  • Spray your curtains and you are protected for the whole summer!
  • Textile Spray contains 50 textile treatments
  • Handy during travel and instant demand situations
  • Especially suitable for people with skin allergies/irritations (as there is no skin contact)