Bracelets 5-pack Classic
  • Bracelets 5-pack Classic
  • Bracelets 5-pack Classic
  • Bracelets 5-pack Classic
Brand: MosquitNo
Product Code: 8718164112126

MosquitNo is well known for the trendy Citronella bracelets and has developed a practical solution to replace the clumsy lubrication problem for protection against mosquitoes and other insects. An extra advantage of the bracelet is the availability in 10 different colors and its trendy design. An easy, quick and natural solution! The more people wear it in a group the bigger the efficacy.

After lengthy research MosquitNo developed a silicone which can absorb Citronella and let them gradually evaporate the Citronella odor. Through this technology we are able to develop new product concepts which connect with current trends for safe and user friendly solutions.

This Classic Pack consists of 5 bracelets (black, brown, red, dark blue, light blue) and a metallic lock. It's flat design enables it to fit trough your mailbox.

Why buy?

  • 72hrs duration per bracelet
  • 100% natural Citronella Oil, water resistant
  • Consists no liquids, so easy to carry during traveling
  • One size fits all (5-pack including lock)
  • Easily adjust size with the lock
  • For kids and adults (kids love them)
  • Bracelets available in 10 trendy colors

Why to use the lock (clip)?

  • One-size fit’s all
  • Luxury gadget look
  • Easy take off-on
  • Clip re-usable

Product features

• Trendy and easy to use
• 100% natural Citronella Oil
• Gradually evaporates a citronella odor for at least 72 hours
• Available in 10 different colours: 5 classic colors and 5 summer colors
• Water resistant bracelets, but have no effect while under water
• Comfortable for kids (> 3 years) and adults during sports and traveling
• Available in a flat 5-pack, designed to fit trough your mailbox

USE: Not for consumption. Choking hazard. Wash hands after putting on bracelet. Not for Children younger than 3 years old. Product can be recycled with plastic and rubber. Store in original packages to preserve effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS: Citronella: 15% (0,96g). Crude rubber (65%). Zinc Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Stearate and Sulfur (10%). Color dye (10%).